Until around the 1950′s it was rare to see a man out and about without a hat on (think of Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack or Cary Grant or Clint Eastwood) but after that hats as a fashion accessory seemed to dwindle…up until now, that is!  Hats are coming back, and for good reason.  They do not only hold function, like covering up a bad hair day, keeping your head warm or keeping the sun out of your eyes, they are also stylish!
Men’s hats have become very much en vogue this season, particularly the fedora and newsboy styles, and the Kangol Cap brand.  Commonly offered in pinstriped patterns as well as embroidered with various characters such as skulls and script, hats are once again fashionable and can be worn by men from all walks of life.
The Fedora: Great for a casual or dressy look, the fedora can be added to almost any outfit as a classy accessory.  While once mainstream, a man in a fedora is now seen as a trend-setter. Fedoras are soft, usually made of felt, creased lengthwise down the crown, and pinched on both sides.
The Newsboy Cap: Depending on the material you can add a newsboy cap to either a casual outfit or a casual-dressy outfit.
Kangol Cap: Often known colloquially as a Kangol cap, a brand association similar to how “Coke” is used as a general synonym for soda or pop, the ascot cap is perfect when paired with more casual clothes.
Hats are a common accessory for men to overlook, but the right hat can top of an outfit and pull the rest of the look together.  Don’t go throwing on your old baseball cap though!  Only a well fitting hat can be added as a fashionable accessory for either a casual or dressy look.
Hats give you that a look of effortless cool and manly confidence, and depending on how you wear your hat you can give off different attitudes, for example:
*Wear your hat pushed back to seem more open and accessible
*Tilt your hat over your eyes to seem mysterious and sexy
*Tilt your hat up 1 inch from being completely straight to show an all-business attitude
Of course it is important to know the latest hat etiquette if you are going to wear a hat.
You should:

*Take your hat off in someone’s home, in restaurants or whenever eating a meal
*Take your hat off during National Anthem’s and place it over your heart
*Remove your hat when at a show or theater

No matter what your style or feeling you are trying to exude, there is a hat for you.  For hat inspiration look to the latest celebrities as wearing hat’s is definitely a celebrity and real-life “do”!