The Fedora has been around in men’s fashion for a long time…if you think of famous celebrities throughout history, many come to mind wearing a hat.  From

Cary Grant

to Frank Sinatra:

to Clark Gable:

to Humphrey Bogart:

The fedora came into fashion in the early 1920′s and were originally a style accessory for women, but around 1919 the fedora became a staple for middle-class men.  The fedora’s popularity soared and was commonly seen on men from the 20′s to the 60′s.   By the early 1970′s, the fedora fell out of style and was seen only as an “older man” accessory.  The fedora wasn’t gone for long, however, because in the 1980′s the fedora was back in action when pop stars Michael Jackson started to wear them with almost every outfit.